The Tech

Artificial intelligence:

  • It’s really smart, at least as far as diminutive robots go. It knows that it should stay off of the grass, cement and pavement.
  • It knows how big a plant is and what a sprout looks like.
  • It knows what your favorite beverage is. ¬†Well maybe not.

How does Weedobot (formerly Weedebud) work?

  • Software:
    • Platform: .NET running on Linux – maybe Windows 10 also when it’s ready
    • Uses DigitFramework – state machines and actors written in C#
    • Vision:
      • Specialized image filtering
      • Convolution Neural Networks (CNN) – deep learning algorithms
      • Monocular Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) – like self-driving cars use
  • Electronics:
    • Embedded mobile processor
    • Camera
    • Battery
    • Power management
    • Gear motors with encoders
    • Wireless module

Can I hack Weedobot?

  • Yes – SDK will be provided to alter and/or add behavior.
  • Plenty of extra GPIOs etc.
  • Great mobile outdoor platform for various projects

We couldn’t do what we’ve done without the many contributors to open software and hardware, and we have and will continue to give back.