Great experience at the bay area Maker Faire

The bay area Maker Faire was a huge success for Weedobot’s (formerly Weedebud) public debut.

Go to a Maker Faire! If you’re into technology, do-it-yourself hobbies, or art, you’ll be amply rewarded and tremendously inspired. My favorite aspect is the relaxed feel of a state fair gone high-tech; the likes of Intel are represented just yards from local bee keepers.

Great job to Make Magazine for putting it on, and thanks for the coverage in Make Magazine (below – note: we’ve changed from Weedebud to Weedobot).


2 thoughts on “Great experience at the bay area Maker Faire

  1. Nathan .V. Strain says:

    I can’t believe I did not know about this before We moved, I like it less work, more robot.
    ~Nathan Strain
    Laie Hawaii

    1. Weedcontrol says:

      Hello Nathan,

      We feel your pain! We also feel your enthusiasm for a weeding robot…and we’ve got our heads down, working with a team of industrial, mechanical and electronic designers to make it happen. In the meantime, we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter where we’ll keep you posted on prototype progress and Kickstarter crowdfunding efforts: . Thanks!

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