Q: Why did you change the name from Weedebud to Weedobot?
A: Funny you should ask! Initially we used Weedobot as our working name until we “settled” on Weedebud.  However, we received feedback that interested people like you were trying to find us and found “potted” plants instead.  For the sake of clarity, for the sake of the children, we are making the change now.

Q: How does Weedobot know the difference between a weed sprout and a desirable plant sprout?

A: It doesn’t.  During the 2-3 weeks that you have young sprouts in your garden, put Weedobot to work elsewhere while your tomato and tulip seedlings grow up a bit.

Q: Do I have to fence it in or somehow confine it so it stays in its area?
A: Nope. We’ve designed Weedobot to be as “set and forget” as possible. It knows that dirt, mulch and bark chips are ok, but the lawn, sidewalk and pool are off limits.

Q: How much will a Weedobot Robot cost?
A: Somewhere between $200 and $1,532,634.79.  Hopefully close to the former.

Q: When and how can I get one?
A: Back our Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign when we launch. Shortly after that we expect to provide robotic weed relief through Amazon and other retail outlets. The best way for you to know how, when and where to get your own Weedobot is by subscribing to The Scoop, our e-newsletter.

Q: Does it use chemicals to manage weeds?
A: No. It uses a mechanical approach, very much like a shovel; weed sprouts are an easy target when they’re young because they’re fragile.

Q: Can I turn it loose on my existing weed lot?
A: No, but wouldn’t that be great? Weedobot is a small robot, about the size of a coconut. Its task is to take out sprouts before they grow large. A perfect scenario for Weedobot is a flower or vegetable garden with desirable plants taller than 3″ and little to no weeds. As weed seeds fall on the soil and sprout, Weedobot will ignore tall plants and search for small horticultural nuisances.

Q: Since it runs on solar energy, what happens if it’s cloudy for a while?
A: Weedobot adjusts its activity with the available sunlight.  Fortunately, so do the weeds.  Can’t take the credit for that one…

Q: Can it magically teleport from one bed to another?
A: Yes, so long as you provide the magic teleporter.  Without said customer provided option, you’ll just have to move it from time to time because it was taught not to roam.

Q: Does it work on my lawn?
A: Weedobot is not designed for grass. Weedobot works in environments where you could, say, hoe.

Q: What % of my weeds will it prevent?
A: Depending on conditions, Weedobot will take out most but usually not all weed sprouts.  Why not all, you ask?  Well Weedobot is designed to avoid running over your “Mr. Wilson” Orchids, and it needs some room to maneuver.

Q: How large of an area does it cover?
A: We know you don’t want to keep getting, “it depends”, but conditions vary so much between climates, soil, and terrain that you’ll have to do a little estimating of your own.  With good sun, few obstacles, and moderate weed density, a single Weedobot can typically cover an area roughly 15′ x 15′ in a day. Weedobots get along with each other pretty well if you have a large area and need some company.

Q: What happens if it gets wet or muddy?
A: Pretty much treat Weedobot like you do your dog in this respect.  If it gets wet, just let it keep wandering around, we promise it won’t try to roll in something stinky.  If it gets muddy, spray it off a bit and give it a nice dandelion to chew on.

Q: We don’t get much sun here.  Does Weedobot have a Mr. Fusion?
A: We know where you live and we’ve learned not to bring up the sensitive subject of your climate (“what’s there to be sensitive about… we get more sunny days than L.A.!”)  It’s okay.  Just plug Weedobot into a USB charger before you slip into your light therapy bed, and when you’re done you’ll both have an extra boost of energy.