There is a new weapon in the War Against Weeds.

If you had unlimited time and energy, you could spot and pull weeds the moment they sprouted.  Well, the Weedobot (initially Weedebud) robot does have unlimited time and energy and is wholeheartedly devoted to making sure that your weeds never reach puberty.

It’s the end of your weeds, and you know it. And you’ll feel fine.

You want to avoid herbicides. You dread the time and effort taken by ground coverings and pulling, as well you should. Weedobot will significantly reduce your weed burden and keep your flower or garden bed looking great.

Weeds happen.

  • For home gardens, flower beds, and planted landscapes
  • Small and solar powered.
  • Fully automatic.  Set it on the terrain you want and it will stay in bounds.
  • Identifies sprouts and destroys them (keep it out of your garden while desirable plants are small seedlings).


The Weedobot team has grown to include an industrial designer, an electronic and mechanical engineer. Cool stuff happening on those fronts. Info and pictures here!